Our Vision:

Adopt-a-Family &

Bragg Hill Baskets 

We are collecting coats, mittens/gloves, socks, hats, toothbrushes/paste and gift cards. If you can donate please contact us at  540-455-0671 or email merrymarket@faserviceleague.com


Our Mission:

The Fredericksburg Area Service League, Inc (FASL) is an organization of women committed to improving and enriching the lives of Fredericksburg area children. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.



The Fredericksburg Area Service League, Inc seeks to provide an environment, which values and promotes diversity in its membership and offers opportunity for friendship, leadership and personal growth through projects and partnerships that meet the community's needs and address the challenges of the 2000's.


Looking to help the children in your community? Become a FASL member and see who we help and how your contribution will impact local children.

Raise your company profile and get involved in the community. Did you know corporate social responsibility is leading the way for happy employees and loyal customers? Show all your stakeholders that you support FASL and FASL will promote your logo at all FASL events and on all promotional materials.


Each year we are committed to supporting organizations and programs, which focus on improving the lives of children in and around Fredericksburg. See where your donations will be distributed and exactly how it will benefit the communities' children.


Fredericksburg Area Service League