1) Hold a Diaper Drive

Collect diapers, diaper wipes, and/or money which FASL will use to purchase discounted diapers and wipes online through JetCares (JetCares is a diaper program where non-profits can purchase high quality diapers at more affordable prices). All in-kind donations of diapers and diaper wipes will qualify businesses for a FASL sponsorship (each diaper collected will be valued at $0.25, each diaper wipe will be valued at $0.05 and the total will count towards in-kind sponsorship levels). Contact us at fasl.diaper.bag@gmail.com for more information on organizing a diaper drive.

2) Donate Online

Make a monetary donation to FASL's Diaper Bag Program.

All funds received will go directly to the purchase of diapers and wipes.


Make a donation to The Diaper Bag through the JetCares’ Give a Pack 

program. Your donation will go directly to the purchase of Cutie's Economy
Plus packs of diapers and Cutie's Premium Baby Wipes.​

3) Become a Sponsor

Become an FASL sponsor and earmark your donation for The Diaper Bag.

The diapers and diaper wipes collected through The Diaper Bag program will be distributed by the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank (FRFB). FASL has partnered with the FRFB to distribute the donated diapers and diaper wipes through their network of area pantries/agencies, reaching those truly in need.

Community-minded citizens, like you, allow us to help families that are in need. With many families struggling financially in our area, your support is greatly appreciated by the children we help. We are continually inspired by the spirit of sharing that we see in the Fredericksburg community from individuals and businesses that support making a difference for children.

For more information contact us at fasl.diaper.bag@gmail.com.

The Diaper Bag is a Fredericksburg Area Service League Signature Program that provides diapers and diaper wipes to families experiencing diaper need in the Fredericksburg area. Diaper need is defined as the lack of a clean diaper supply. Diaper need dramatically impacts the physical and mental health of parents and children. One in three U.S. families suffers from diaper need. Government assistance programs such as Food Stamps and WIC (Women Infant and Children) do not offer help with the purchase of diapers or diaper wipes. It costs from $90 to $100 a month to diaper a child (this includes diaper wipes), bringing the total cost for one child to $1,080 to $1,200 each year..

How you can help!

The Diaper Bag Program

Fredericksburg Area Service League