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Fredericksburg, VA  22404

Phone: (540) 737-8067

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Fredericksburg Area Services League is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible

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Who We Are

The Fredericksburg Area Service League, Inc (FASL), was formed in April, 1993, by a group of women interested in promoting volunteerism in the Fredericksburg area. Founding members saw a distinct need for a central clearinghouse of volunteers from the community at large, who were ready to develop and staff new programs. After several meetings, the membership voted to have issues relating to children as its primary focus.

In our 25 year history, we have donated over $700,000 and given thousands of hours in help. With the continued support from volunteers and growing recognition in the community we are able to support a variety of projects and organizations, which directly impact the lives of local children.

Board of Directors

Taylor Glascock
Annie Thompson
Vice President
Ashley Raska
Rebecca Kingman

Recording Secretary
Laura Aldstadt
Corresponding Secretary
Megan Dougherty
Past President
Crissy Gaffney
Whitney Brush
Heather Garrard
Membership Chair
Courtney Wurzer (Chair)
Traci Fletcher (Co-Chair)
Placement Chair
Sarah Li

Fundraising Committee

Junior Cotillion
Melissa Blitzer (Chair)
Rock Lobster
Catherine Sturtevant (Chair)

Other Committees

By-Laws / Parliamentarian
Melissa Blitzer (Chair)
Financial Aid Coordinator (community research)
Ashley Raska
Shannon Lally
Chrissy Gaffney
Biz Fraser
Provisional Training
Lauren Reed (Chair), Kim Van Zuiden (Co-Chair)
Nominating Committee

Kate Schwartz  (Chair), Mindy Eastlake, Heather Garrard, Annie Thompson (Pres. Elect), Lauren Reed (Prov. Chair), Crissy Gaffney (Past President)

Summer Scholars
Shelby McGrew (Chair)
Books In Hand
Angela Rivers (Chair)
Project in a Day
Sarah Li (Chair), Jessica Weiss (Co-Chair)
College Scholarships
Karen Mittura
Deanie Petty-Wes
Bragg Hill Family Life Center
Shelby McGrew
Thurman Brisben Shelter
Ann Lushe
Rappahannock Big Brothers & Big Sisters
Sarah Li (Chair)
The Diaper Bag
Pamela Maffett (Chair), Shaconnie Grubb (Co-Chair), 
Brick Sales
Jenny Rose (Chair)
Special Fundraising
Elizabeth Baldwin


Firstly, as a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, strength in numbers is our motto! Each year our membership grows and so, in turn, does our help in the community, both financially and in volunteer hours. Membership is key to the running of FASL and by becoming a member, you can make a bigger impact with both your donations and time! See first hand the children we strive to help and get to know the organizations and programs we support. Know that what we raise in donations and sponsorship goes directly to them. 

Our Mission

The Fredericksburg Area Service League, Inc (FASL) is an organization of women committed to improving and enriching the lives of Fredericksburg area children. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.


Our Vision

The Fredericksburg Area Service League, Inc seeks to provide an environment, which values and promotes diversity in its membership and offers opportunity for friendship, leadership and personal growth through projects and partnerships that meet the community's needs and address the challenges of the 2000's.