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FASL is always looking for dynamic woman who care about their community and want to see a change in the lives of the children who live here. By working together we manage to each donate a few hours of our time, which collectively enables the league to run tirelessly in supporting the partnerships and projects we advocate.

Do you want to make a difference in your community?
Now you can!

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Sara Gore - Membership Chair

What you can do for FASL



FASL assesses the needs within the community and pledges financial support to projects, which are aligned with our mission of helping local children.


We raise funds by hosting fundraising events and undertaking projects.


Each new member is expected to:

  • Attend a monthly provisional meeting, to understand how the league works and get to know fellow provisional members

  • Attend at least five of the monthly general meetings (10 annually)

  • Participate in 10 fundraising hours in League approved placements and a minimum of 10 hours in League-approved Fundraisers, one (1) hour of which must be given to Junior Cotillion. You can help source donations, or give your hours in the organization and running of an event, including setting up, greeting guests, providing food or clearing up. There are many opportunities for you to obtain these hours and you can sign up for something that you are interested in.



Each member is also required to give 10 hours of hands-on assistance to the organizations and people we help. For example, reading aloud to children at the Children's Museum of Richmond-Fredericksburg, presenting a college scholarship to a senior high school student or providing assistance at a Rappahannock Big Brothers Big Sisters event. All of these hours are very rewarding. You can choose when and where you are able to help.

What FASL can do for YOU!

Women from diverse backgrounds make up FASL and it is a bonding and fulfilling experience. You can directly impact the community you live in and make new friendships along the way. Discover your strengths and help us evolve into a bigger, stronger league of women, which will in turn allow us to make an even larger impact in our community.

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