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Diaper Bag

The Diaper Bag is a Fredericksburg Area Service League Signature Program that provides diapers and diaper wipes to families experiencing diaper need in the Fredericksburg area. Diaper need is defined as the lack of a clean diaper supply. Diaper need dramatically impacts the physical and mental health of parents and children. One in three U.S. families suffers from diaper need. Government assistance programs such as Food Stamps and WIC (Women Infant and Children) do not offer help with the purchase of diapers or diaper wipes. It costs from $90 to $100 a month to diaper a child (this includes diaper wipes), bringing the total cost for one child to $1,080 to $1,200 each year..

The diapers and diaper wipes collected through The Diaper Bag program will be distributed by the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank (FRFB). FASL has partnered with the FRFB to distribute the donated diapers and diaper wipes through their network of area pantries/agencies, reaching those truly in need.

Community-minded citizens, like you, allow us to help families that are in need. With many families struggling financially in our area, your support is greatly appreciated by the children we help. We are continually inspired by the spirit of sharing that we see in the Fredericksburg community from individuals and businesses that support making a difference for children.

Sponsors may designate their sponsorship funds to the The Diaper Bag program.


For more information, contact:

Kerry Whitmoyer

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6-Week Course

Sundays, 4pm -6pm September - January

Class Location:

Strictly Ballroom

125 Olde Greenwich Dr Suite 190

Fredericksburg 22408

Dinner Dance:

Fredericksburg Country Club


$265 per child

($5 fee for online payments)

Junior Cotillion

Social Etiquette & Dance Classes for 6th, 7th & 8th Graders

Our mission is to prepare your child for success with contemporary etiquette. Today’s manners are no longer about silver spoons and white gloves. Instead, they provide the correct protocol for everyday situations in order to succeed in our society. We’re ripping off the white gloves and diving into a more practical approach to etiquette for the twenty-first century. Join the next generation of manners!

​Class 1: Skillful Conversationalist

This class offers the practical rules for engaging in and continuing a polite conversation, as well as learning active listening skills. Students will practice introducing themselves, how to greet and introduce someone, apply compliments and how to gracefully exit a conversation. In addition, returning students will receive important tips and tools for developing interview skills that they will use for their very first interview and beyond. 

Class 2: Phone/Internet Manners & Safety
​Parents learn quickly that phones and computers are like magnets to children. With so much access to the Internet, children have greater access to communication than ever before. This class will teach students how to politely and safely use phones/texting, good judgment on social media sites, and how to deal with cyberbullying.
Class 3: Party Manners
​Even at the most casual parties, we must always remember to apply behavior rules that will warrant a repeat invitation. Whether hosting a party or attending one, good manners must be displayed to make guests feel more at ease. Instruction during this class will cover the importance of thank you notes, gift giving, invitations, hosting a party and the proper attire for every occasion.
​Class 4: Table Manners

​Confidence in dining situations frees one from worrying about making mistakes, whether at home or dining out. Students will develop positive dining habits by learning everything from the basic rules of dining and polite meal-time conversations to restaurant behavior, and much more.

Holly Ball​
​Holly Ball is a semi-formal event where each child will bring a parent or adult as their “date” to accompany them. This event offers a wonderful chance for students to share with their guest the skills they have learned in class. Dance instruction, drink and hors d'oeuvres are provided for an evening of fun, social festivities.

Dinner Dance​

​Dancing and dining is a fun and interactive-based delivery system for teaching positive social skills. This activity is offered as the last event of the Junior Cotillion season, where students will combine their social and dining skills knowledge during a four-course meal and a night full of dancing with fellow classmates. 


Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster is a traditional lobster bake with live music, where the ticket proceeds help support FASL's programs and Fredericksburg area children. Thank you to all who came out for your support!

Derby Bash

Join us for our Derby Bash! A celebration to watch the Kentucky Derby while you bet on your favorite horse, or silks. Ladies, wear your Derby dress and big hat, Gents, wear your bow tie - there will be a contest! Proceeds to go Fredericksburg Area Service League to help support regional children's charities.



May 2, 2020

5pm - 9pm

The Gaunlet


First, as a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, strength in numbers is our motto! Each year our membership grows and so, in turn, does our help in the community, both financially and in volunteer hours. Membership is key to the running of FASL and by becoming a member, you can make a bigger impact with both your donations and time! See first hand the children we strive to help and get to know the organizations and programs we support. Know that what we raise in donations and sponsorship goes directly to them. 

Fredericksburg Area

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