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Fundraising Events

FASL Junior Cotillion

For more information, contact:

Lauren Reed

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6-Week Course

Sundays, 1pm -3pm January & February

Class Location:

Strictly Ballroom

125 Olde Greenwich Dr Suite 190

Fredericksburg 22408

Junior Cotillion

Social Etiquette & Dance Classes for 6th, 7th & 8th Graders

Check back for more details about our classes in 2025! 

Our mission is to prepare your child for success with contemporary etiquette. Today’s manners are no longer about silver spoons and white gloves. Instead, they provide the correct protocol for everyday situations in order to succeed in our society. We’re ripping off the white gloves and diving into a more practical approach to etiquette for the twenty-first century. Join the next generation of manners!

​Class 1: Skillful Conversationalist

This class offers the practical rules for engaging in and continuing a polite conversation, as well as learning active listening skills. Students will practice introducing themselves, how to greet and introduce someone, apply compliments and how to gracefully exit a conversation. In addition, returning students will receive important tips and tools for developing interview skills that they will use for their very first interview and beyond. 

Class 2: Phone/Internet Manners & Safety
​Parents learn quickly that phones and computers are like magnets to children. With so much access to the Internet, children have greater access to communication than ever before. This class will teach students how to politely and safely use phones/texting, good judgment on social media sites, and how to deal with cyberbullying.
Class 3: Social Manners

As they enter a world of young adulthood, it is important for Students to know how to interact appropriately with each other, how to be polite in basic social situations, and how to implement a general attitude of respect toward their peers and acquaintances. Students will understand how anti-bullying and good manners go hand-in-hand.

​Class 4: Table Manners

​Confidence in dining situations frees one from worrying about making mistakes, whether at home or dining out. Students will develop positive dining habits by learning everything from the basic rules of dining and polite meal-time conversations to restaurant behavior, and much more.

Class 5: Party Manners

​Even at the most casual parties, we must always remember to apply behavior rules that will warrant a repeat invitation. Whether hosting a party or attending one, good manners must be displayed to make guests feel more at ease. Instruction during this class will cover the importance of thank you notes, gift giving, invitations, hosting a party and the proper attire for every occasion.

Valentine's Ball​

Dancing and dining is a fun and interactive-based delivery system for teaching positive social skills. This activity is offered as the last event of the Junior Cotillion season, where students will showcase their learned skills by inviting an Adult to join them and participating in dance, dining, and social etiquette!

Jr Cotillion
FASL Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster is a traditional lobster bake with live music, where the ticket proceeds help support FASL's programs and Fredericksburg area children. 

Join us next year for our 7th Annual Bake. Check back for details to come!

Rock Lobster
Mommy & Me Tea.png
Spring Fundraiser

Our event is geared toward children aged 3-years+ and their adult. 


We will offer two tea service times, a morning session from 10am to 12pm, and an afternoon session from 1pm to 3pm. 


Each tea service includes a kid-friendly tea tower featuring Sunbutter&Js, turkey and cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit and assorted sweet treats, along with kid-friendly herbal tea or lemonade.  This year's food has been generously donated by Wegmans. 


Included with your tea time will be a short dance lesson from the Strictly Ballroom owner and staff.  


ALL adult and child pair variations are more than welcome: Grandma & Me, Daddy & Me, Auntie & Me, Godparent & Me, etc.! 

Mommy & Me Tea
Bricks at Kenmore Logo (1).png

Order your personalized brick today! Only $50!

Bricks at Kenmore

The sidewalk at Kenmore Park in Downtown Fredericksburg is made entirely from bricks, and with the help of an engraver in Colorado, each brick is unique, telling a story of joy, celebration and memorial, which makes this pathway commemorative to the lives and times of Fredericksburg!


Pay tribute to your loved one and immortalize them for years to come in the Bricks at Kenmore. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary or the birth of a son, daughter or grandchild. Show appreciation for your parent on Mothers or Fathers Day, a spouse for Valentines day or gives thanks to a teacher! Bricks can also pay tribute to your family milestone events like graduation or retirement, or the message can simply be to remember a loved one. This pathway is made up of many memories and can be enjoyed all year round at Kenmore Park.

Bricks at Kenmore

First, as a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, strength in numbers is our motto! Each year our membership grows and so, in turn, does our help in the community, both financially and in volunteer hours. Membership is key to the running of FASL and by becoming a member, you can make a bigger impact with both your donations and time! See first hand the children we strive to help and get to know the organizations and programs we support. Know that what we raise in donations and sponsorship goes directly to them. 

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